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Alito and Roe v. Wade

Samuel Alito. He could be the deciding vote. At a time when the Supreme Court looks ready and able to re-decide the controversial abortion law, this looks to be an even worse selection for the Highest Court. So, what to think when there is talk that the right actually doesn't want to overturn Roe? What's this, it was all for show?

Eleanor Clift writes:

Now that the GOP is within striking distance of overturning Roe, they're having second thoughts. The public is not ready to abandon the landmark case legalizing abortion, and neither is the Republican Party. They used abortion as a wedge issue because the politics worked; they really didn't think abortion would ever be banned.

When did what the public want ever get in the way of government strategy? Yes, public opinion matters. But whenever it's needed, the public will be ever so subtly pushed to accept what the powers that be want.

Apparently, abortion is not something that was ever taken seriously by the Right. It was merely a tool, like many other issues, to create divisions. Aside from the emotionless attitude this purveys, one has to think of so many other issues that the Right has fiercly defended. Is there anything that is sacred, or is it that whatever can be done to stay in power, divide the masses, and keep them unorganized will be done?

This gives quite the horrific glimpse into the mindset of power-driven individuals, doesn't it?