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Bush and Clinton at odds with reality of climate change

Clinton warns of climate peril, demands US switch out of fossil fuels
Dec 9, 2005
MONTREAL - Former US president Bill Clinton took to the podium at the UN climate talks here to ram home a grim message about global warming and demand the United States move quickly away from the fossil fuels causing the problem.

In a show-stealing appearance rumoured to have ired the US delegation, Clinton defended the UN's Kyoto Protocol on greenhouse gases that was ditched by his successor, President George W. Bush, and said the switch to cleaner energy would create millions of jobs for the American economy.

"There's no longer any serious doubt that climate change is real, accelerating, and caused by human activities," Clinton said.

And To Wit:

US walks out of climate change talks as 150 nations move forward to adopt Kyoto
By Andrew Buncombe in Montreal
10 December 2005
UK Independent

The Bush administration's unwillingness to seriously confront global warming was increasingly at odds with the rest of the world last night as more than 150 other nations were poised to move forward with the Kyoto protocol.

The US faced widespread condemnation after persistently rejecting even the mildest commitment to deal with climate change at the UN talks in Montreal.

Washington's behaviour represents a serious embarrassment to Tony Blair who has argued that he could obtain an undertaking from the US to tackle the issue.

As the US position was highlighted by the walking out of talks by its chief negotiator Harlan Watson, the former president Bill Clinton launched an attack on his successor's environmental policy.

To thunderous applause from delegates from nations around the world who are readying themselves to move ahead with the next stage of the Kyoto Protocol, Mr Clinton said the environmental policy of George Bush's administration was "flat wrong".


One wonders why Mr. Clinton didn't DO more when he was in office? Perhaps he speaks up now because he knows he doesn't have a campaign to win. I don't give Clinton any credit for doing this now. He will just be ignored by the MSM. Like every other person who dares speak the truth.