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Bloggers in quake-ravaged Pakistan

There are a few bloggers that are keeping the rest of us up to date in regards to the relief effort in the Kashmir region. Here are some links to these warriors:



Here is some relevant info from one of the posts:

Please Help Quickly and Generously

As the death toll rises to 18000 and more than 40000 injured, fears are that it could rise even more. The victims of devastating earthquake desperately need our help. Please react quickly and generously. Don’t forget it could be me or you too.

People living in Pakistan can donate cash, packed food (wheat and rice for example), blankets, winter clothes (since it’s really cold in northern Pakistan) and any other thing which you think can be useful. People from abroad are may send cash donations since it’s the best way to help.

An Emergency Coordination Centre has been set up in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and will be manned 24 hours. For any information, the officers on duty can be contacted at duty room: Telephone: 0092-51-9207663; Fax: 0092-51-9224205, 9224206 & 9205571. Just call in or fax and check how you can help.

You can also send in donations through Mir Khalil Ur Rehman Foundation (http://www.mkrf.org). It’s the charity organization of largest News Paper Group in Pakistan (Jang Group: http://www.jang.com.pk)
United Bank Account No: 0102598-5 (for international transfers also give in Swift Code: UNILPKKA)
Email: pukaar@mkrf.org

Please click on the ads on this site to generate funds for the earthquake hit areas in Pakistan.