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Book Review: Secret History of the World

Since I am an avid reader of esoteric text, I thought I would present a book review by Jaye Beldo over at Healing Headquarters. He reviews The Secret History of the World by Laura Knight-Jadczyk. I have read this also but I thought that he put it in such a way that I could only make the description worse, so here it is:

The Secret History of the World (and How to Get Out Alive)

by Laura-Knight Jadczyk

Laura-Knight Jadczyk's book The Secret History of the World is a work that demands careful reading and contemplation. The effort is indeed worthwhile as the author, through her own courageous and dedicated research spanning many years, provides a compelling exposé of the New Age and Human Potential movement as a vast COINTELPRO operation where agent provocateurs from the FBI, CIA, NSA and perhaps other alphabet organizations have infiltrated everything from holistic health, meditation and ascencionist groups, massage and acupuncture schools in order to deliberately steer spiritual seekers and holistic health practitioners away from the ugly truth.

The truth, the author tells us quite convincingly, involves extra-terrestrial entities that have insinuated themselves into positions of power and are currently manipulating world events to their own advantage but to the profound detriment of humanity in general. Laura points out that the emergence of the human potential movement conveniently coincides with a significant increase in UFO sightings and the formation of bona fide groups to investigate these sightings. Such a corollary makes her observation of the alien takeover of our world using New Age venues as a smokescreen quite hard to dismiss in this reviewer's opinion. After all, what better distraction from the ET's evil agenda could there be than to encourage people to navel gaze, seek 'peak experiences' and to create their own reality?

I must confess that I've encountered many of these potential COINTELPRO agents in the classes I've attended, taught and also in o­ne o­n o­ne sessions conducted over the last twenty years or so. I've also crossed paths with similar spooks in the New Age publishing world as well and knew that there was something odd about them, but couldn't effectively articulate what it was, other than that they left me feeling dizzy, disoriented and feeling drained of energy. If I had read something like The Secret History of the World when I first started doing psychic readings/healing nearly twenty years ago, I would have been more fully prepared to protect my clients, students and myself from these assorted con artists, vampires and multi-dimensional psychopaths marauding about.

However, I feel quite relieved and most grateful that the author has mustered sufficient tenacity and scholarly savvy to expose these dark forces hiding under the veneer of calculated bliss/contentment and what I call New Age Correctness, a form of Political Correctness but with even more insidious implications at hand (NAC is even more intolerant/fascistic than PC in case you haven't noticed considering that any criticism at all directed towards the New Age is strictly forbidden). Fortunately, Knight-Jadczyk transcends such pathetic interference and provides us with the much needed tools to enhance our perceptions so that we can know first hand, whether or not we are being manipulated by COINTELPRO agents and make informed decisions when seeking out alternative therapies or spiritual groups to affiliate with.

The author's command of factual knowledge and remarkable ability to synthesize information makes The Secret History of the World most exhilarating all throughout its eight hundred plus pages. If you are looking for a deep and thorough inquiry into such things as the Grail legends, Gothic Cathedrals,proof of Dinosaur/Human interactions, the skinny o­n Saint-Germaine, Organic Portals who can mimic our subtle bodies (chakras) and keep us trapped o­n the plane self satisfied illusion, the Ark of the Covenant, Atlantis, Neanderthals and the mercurially allusive alchemist Fulcanelli, I suggest that you thoroughly peruse this timely and hyper-dimensionally relevant book. Doing so will significantly heighten your perceptions, strengthen your aura and enable you to instantly spot the myriads of New Age moles lurking about in the spiritual marketplace, using a love and light spin to hide themselves behind.

-Jaye Beldo

Published by Red Pill Press

The Secret History of the World, along with Laura Knight-Jadczyk's other works such as The Wave, The Occult Significance of 9-11 and Amazing Grace, can be found at: QFGPUBLISHING.Com

[End of book review]

Also came across this entry from the Signs of the Times guestbook, it is the preface to the book The Secret History of the World by Patrick Riviere:

This book of revolutionary importance is essential reading.
With this original work, Laura Knight-Jadczyk shares with us her prodigious discoveries that put into question History as well as our habitual observations concerning the myth of the “Grail”. She does this by revisiting the Bible and comparative mythology, looking closely into parallel universes and hyperspace, and penetrating into quantum physics, genetics, and the mysteries of the diverse creations populating the hyperdimensions of the Cosmos.

Throughout her exposé, Laura Knight-Jadczyk refers to two powerful works of the scientist-alchemist Fulcanelli: The Mystery of the Cathedrals and Dwellings of the Philosophers. She applies her vast knowledge to the continuation of his work.

Thus, following in the footsteps of Fulcanelli (citing Huysmans) when he denounces the constant lies and omissions from official History over the course of time, Laura Knight-Jadczyk, citing numerous examples, exposes the manipulations in the official history of ancient civilizations of which humanity is the victim. She strives to re-establish the truth, and her answers are often enlightening.

According to Laura Knight-Jadczyk, the mysteries of the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Temple refer to a particular, very advanced “technology” – with the aim, for example, of teleportation and changing between space-time dimensions – a secret and sacred science of which only a few great “Initiates” have remained custodians. Christ Jesus was the surest guarantor of this precious legacy, and, although it might displease Dan Brown (author of The DaVinci Code), the genealogical lineage of the “Sangréal” (the “Sang Royal” or “Holy Blood”), is not at all as he believes it to be! The reader of this important work by Laura Knight-Jadczyk will realize that there are completely different conclusions to that mystery.

Her erudition cannot but impress the reader during the course of an assiduous reading of this quite astonishing book. As to her inspiration, what can we say, and, from whence could it come, if not the Light of the stars?

Patrick Rivière

Patrick Rivière is a writer and author of numerous works that have been published in France and that have been translated and published in many languages. He is a specialist on the “Grail” (On the Paths of the Grail) and of Alchemy following the path of Fulcanelli (Fulcanelli Revealed), two works soon to be published by Red Pill Press.