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Teetering on the precipice

What does one do when I can see nothing but death and desctrucion coming?

It seems there are stages to this, it can cause horrible things like lethargy and apathy.

It can make one so terrified that even writing a post on my blog seems like a useless task.

But still something inside me tells me that even a small, innocuous event like one person believing that there can be something different can have unforseen effects.

America is poised to conduct regime change on a global scale, all the while creating the very evil it intends to extinguish. Our economy is crashing, with blue chips like GM, IBM, and Ford reporting losses and the housing bubble ready to burst and Fannie Mae going down with it.

We are poised for a turbulent hurricane season and several regions are on wildfire alert. Also, the Yellowstone Supervolcano is coming under the attention of more and more people. The affects of Yellowstone going off would be devastating to the environment...

Is there an alternate reason for our country's political actions, maybe to get as much control as possible before the brown stuff hits the spinning blade? Why else are we closing our military bases at home and opening new ones abroad? Putting pseudo-colonial bases where our business is most needed like near the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf is merely a move to privatize our military to act for the wishes of businessman. Or they will become one big prison, like Afghanistan, with no rules or treaties to abide by.

It certainly looks like we have plenty of Signs in our life to wake us up even though most do not wish to.

Gotta remember, small things can make big changes.