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Nostradamus, The Pope, and..... Muslims??

Surfing through the blogosphere, I have come across the some interesting articles on the future Pope. One article states,

Thursday, 07 April , 2005, 10:57
Bogota: The pope elected to succeed John Paul II will be assassinated and his death will spark a Muslim invasion of the West that will split the Roman Catholic church, according to an interpretation of Nostradamus’ prophecies by a leading Colombian author.

“The next pope elected will be subsequently murdered in central Italy. Then comes pope number 112, who will flee Rome because of an attack by Muslims,” Gonzalo Echeverri, a Colombian investigating judge and author of a book on Nostradamus told AFP.

According to Echeverri, the pope will base himself in Avignon, France and another pontiff will take control in Italy, splitting the Catholic church in two.

“There is a very clear prophecy that says the holy father will move to another place, even warning that the French pope will not be able to stay in Avignon due to the Muslim invasion and will flee again to Lyon, where he will be attacked, according to Nostradamus,” Echeverri said.

Avignon was a base for popes for much of the 14th century, another time of grave divisions in the Church and Europe.

Nostradamus was a 16th century scholar who made prophecies. His supporters say he predicted the French revolution, the rise of Hitler and the assassination of President John F Kennedy.

So, how nicely this fits in with the negative impression people have of Muslims, especially the right wing Christian fundies. One blogger has done some excellent work connecting the dots of Nostradamus and has made some good observations...

What if Nostradamus was not ALWAYS writing about the future? What if Nostradamus was writing also about the past, that is, recording things for posterity so that people would know “what really happened?”

Yes, what if?????