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9-11 Cointelpro: The bigger the lie, the harder it falls

Going through the immense amount of data relevant to 9-11, I come across all kinds of different sites, all with their own hypothesis of 'what really happened'. 'Well, as they say, even a blind squirrel finds an acorn. A few other bloggers have come across some startling suggestions...
An Email from COINTELPRO and Shocking 9/11 Revelations

It is bound to happen eventually.

Search for the truth long enough, post a little about it, and you will be contacted. Apparently no blog is small enough to avoid attention.

I started a blog, 9-11 Soundbytes, to post quotes from the memory hole on the terrorist attack as I found them. I received an interesting email from Mark Robinowitz of oilempire.us regarding the blog, and I will share a small fraction of it with you.

My guess is that he regularly sends something similar to all sites that link to The Pentagon Strike Video. The email makes him appear more like a paid COINTELPRO agent, or so I think.

Stumbled upon your site -

the "Pentagon Strike" video has been debunked by many of the best
writers on 9/11 complicity issues - such as the author of the
911research site you list. [...]

Now for a bit of context. The Pentagon has all but announced that they are using propaganda:

U.S. government planting propaganda and misleading stories in the international media
BBC News
By Tom Carver
Wednesday, 20 February, 2002
Washington correspondent

The Pentagon is toying with the idea of black propaganda.

As part of George Bush's war on terrorism, the military is thinking of planting propaganda and misleading stories in the international media.

A new department has been set up inside the Pentagon with the Orwellian title of the Office of Strategic Influence. It is well funded, is being run by a general and its aim is to influence public opinion abroad.

Black and white

It has been canvassing opinion within the Pentagon on what it should do. [...]

More from Stanley...

I have written briefly here about psyop operations, and have posted an image of a propaganda wheel from a 1950's government sponsored research paper demonstrating methods used. There is plenty of evidence that such activities have never stopped, and US citizens are a primary target of propaganda or psyops as it is now called.

Regular readers know that I am opposed to the Peak Oil concept, particularly when it is used to downplay the obvious crimes of the Bush Regime. In a blatant and obvious attempt at sleight of hand trickery, Ruppert (and buddyRobinowitz) is telling us to not look at the man behind the curtain, instead focus on our impending economic collapse due to peak oil.

While searching for information on the email I received, I turned up this very interesting tidbit:

David Beckham and Flight 77 in Paris

[...] The dinner itself was "normal" in every respect, and MOST of the conversation was also "normal." It only got strange when politics - including the subject of George Bush and 9-11 - was brought up.

Our friends who circulate socially among various government officials brought out some photos to show of a recent private party. Among the attendees of said party - which I reiterate, was private and not an "official function," was the brother of Vladimir Putin! There was the usual grouping of various ministers, AND one of the most powerful men in the Financial World (and here I don't mean America, I mean the GLOBAL Financial world!)

What was interesting about these photos was the obvious camaraderie of these individuals depicted in the photographs. There was Vlad's brother whooping it up with what were obviously close pals in France.


So, of course I asked about this. What came next was, in a sense, quite shocking. It seems that it is common knowledge in these circles that Russian satellites photographed a ship-launched craft (seems to have been a drone type plane rather than a missle) that ended up impacting the Pentagon on Sept 11, 2001, and that, for various reasons this information has been withheld from the public.

I was naturally startled to hear this even though I have long held the opinion that it was NOT a commercial jetliner that hit the Pentagon. I think the thing that startled me was the fact that, if Russia (and perhaps other countries with satellites?) had proof that Flight 77 did not hit the Pentagon, why weren't they revealing this?

It was explained to me that during part of the time George Bush was "incommunicado" on September 11, 2001, he was on the phone to Putin "negotiating." That was a polite way of saying "blackmailing." Apparently, Bush, by way of MOSSAD and/or the CIA had enough goods on Vlad to keep him silent.

Now THAT explains why Putin has not responded publicly to the rather obnoxious criticisms of Russia made by Bush and Condi Rice.

In any event, it was explained to me further that these satellite photos HAD been revealed to Thierry Meyssan who was asked by either French or Russian intell to write his book "Pentagate" to "leak" the info that Flight 77 did not hit the Pentagon. His instructions were, apparently, that he had to "make the case" without recourse to official backing; he couldn't refer to the satellite photos.

Well, suddenly, a LOT of things began to make sense.

In doing some research on this subject, I came across "Comments On the Pentagon Strike" by Laura Knight-Jadczyk. Interesting that this woman seems to be at the center of so much controversy, even including the Da Vinci Code that I posted about recently!

Well, it seems that Knight-Jadczyk has really stirred up the pooh! Her research group is responsible for the Pentagon Strike video that cranked up the Washington Post!

All of this made me even more curious and my search turned up some fascinating items.

It seems that the Pentagon Strike video came out on August 23rd. Probably nobody really noticed it at that point, but it hit a chord of response in the hearts of millions of people. They began to madly download and forward the incredibly concise and well-done piece to their friends and relatives. Latest stats on how many people have viewed it to date are 300 MILLION!

Wow!! Are you kidding me? There are people who could prove the complicity of the American government in the 9-11 attacks and they withold it, just to save their own ass from being thrown under the bus.

Sometimes, I just don't understand this world.