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Heavy snowfall in India, 9500 aftershocks since tsunami

Snowfall in India has killed 41 people after the heaviest snowfall in two decades hit the region. Officials in India stated,
"It's a state of emergency and the government is doing its best to cope with the situation," state minister Peer Zaada Mohammed Sayeed said.

Staying in Southeast Asia, India's top geologist said that the tsunami-lashed Andaman and Nicobar Islands have suffered 9,500 aftershocks since an undersea earthquake December 26 sent giant waves crashing into the emerald green archipelago. Another scientist pointed out that the tremors were a good sign, saying,
these aftershocks are a good sign as energy is being released gradually, minimising possibilities of bigger earthquakes."
...An earthquake measuring 6.9 on the Richter scale rocked Indonesia's Sulawesi island Saturday, causing sea levels to rise and sparking fears of another tsunami, meteorologists and police said.

How does an aftershock minimize the possibility of a big earthquake? It sounds good and all, but where is the proof? I guess we are just supposed to take the guy's word on it, right.