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HAARP and Chemtrails: Are your ears ringing?

For the last three to four weeks, my ears have been ringing, mostly at night. I suspect this is because I work in a loud environment. It's too loud during the day to notice it, but at night, sitting quietly, it's getting pretty fierce. Most of the times, I have just forgotten about how it occurs frequently, how it might actually be a sign of something.

But, I came across an article that really made me think back and realize how much it occurs. It's written by Laura Knight-Jadczyk called The Canary in the Mine. It seems these disturbences are a sign of more than just random happenings. From the article,

The Alternative News and Conspiracy watching crowd have long been attached to the idea that HAARP is a project designed to control weather or cause geological disasters - sort of an "environmental weapon," so to say. We here at Signs of the Times have argued against this since we do credit those in power with a few firing neurons, even if they think only about themselves. In fact, that is the point. Having some idea of the nonlinear dynamics of weather and geological events, it is hardly likely that they would be stupid enough to diddle with the weather or to try to create earthquakes to cause problems for their enemies. Such things are too uncontrollable, too many variables, and too much danger of doing unintended damage to the self.

We notice in our data collection that there seems to be no direct relationship between the weather events because they occurred in a couple of theoretical time windows and not in others. Therefore, let us theorize that weather issues are indeed a problem, as the above cited Pentagon report stated, but that they are not caused by, or under the control of, any Secret Government. One might even speculate that the clusters of craziness could be generated to keep people's attention focused elsewhere. For example, the possible activation of the HAARP array around the time of the election of Arnie in California. Hmmm...

The idea that HAARP was created to control weather was promoted in a big way by Nick Begich in a book entitled Angels Don't Play This HAARP. The HAARP project has been recently connected to the December Malaysian earthquake, and a year before, was connected to the BAM earthquake.

...Our own interactions with the folks that financed Begich's book, as well as controlled its content, chronicled in the Adventures With Cassiopaea series, (do read this for some inside details of how COINTELPRO approaches are made), suggest that describing HAARP as a "weather" or "geological weapon," is merely disinformation. Again, let us note that the above cited HAARP experiment took place on March 10, 2003, followed by violence and a number of behavioral incidents of surpassing strangeness. It may be that Zbigniew Brzezinski had something altogether different in mind when he said: “Technology will make available, to the leaders of major nations, techniques for conducting secret warfare, of which only a bare minimum of the security forces will be appraised…"

There is, in fact, a far scarier weapon, a "technique for conducting secret warfare," that we believe is actually connected to the HAARP array: Mind Control via "Frequency Fences."

In order to understand the problem, the reader might want to review the Greenbaum Speech which mentions, among many other things, the MONARCH Project.

While there are a number of CIA mind control research projects that have been confirmed in Senate Hearings, I haven't been able to find similar confirmation of the alleged "Monarch Project." However, there is circumstantial evidence for the existence of this type of work.

So the Alternative thinking crowd seems to be led to the conclusion that HAARP is for weather-modification, or creation. It would be much more difficult for people, even those in the New Age/Alternative Media crowd, to think that a huge fence is all-around us, invisible but felt by certain sensitive folks. If our minds are the targets, then building something to control them would have to have a differnet outer appearance. If the reader is still interested, I urge you to finish the article, The Canary in the Mine