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Boiling lake is rising and an earthquake felt in six states

6 Midwestern states have each felt a moderate quake that struck on the New Madrid fault line. Recently I read an article where scientists predicted an earthquake greater than a 7.0 would occur on this fault line within 50 years. It certainly seems as though being in the middle of the US, one feels safer than being on the coasts. What a shock it would be for an earthquake to devastate an area that people go to for shelter from such disasters. The midwest is describe as conservative folks who are concerned with safety, especially for their family. Of course that is the stereotype, but it is the culturally accepted one.

Anyway, the point is that people around the midwest are not prepared for this type of disaster. What if there were scientists who knew when these quakes were to occur? What type of person could withold information that could save lives? Psychopaths. They have no feelings for others, their only concern is the bottom line. It could be said that if corporations were humans, they would be psychopaths.

People have been told to avoid Boiling Lake in Dominica, which is rising to dangerous levels. Boiling Lake is a volcanic crater in the heart of a rainforest. From cnews
It stopped boiling Dec. 24 and the water level dropped about 12 metres. The Agriculture Ministry warned visitors not to approach the lake, saying the water has since risen about six metres.

Scientists said they cannot predict when it might start bubbling again.

It was the third time in a century the lake - perhaps the most popular tourist attraction in Dominica - stopped boiling. In 1901, toxic fumes killed two people when the lake suddenly filled up months after it emptied. The crater also stopped boiling in 1977 and 1999.

Scientists don't know for sure what has caused the lake to stop boiling. But one theory is a 6.3-magnitude earthquake Nov. 21 clogged underground fissures where hot gasses rose through the surfaces and heated the water, said Allen Smith, the chairman of the geology department at California State University in San Bernardino, Californi

2005 is slated to be the warmest year on record, scientists worry it could be boiling hot(to pun or not to pun?). Some of these folks think that this means the Earth is out of balance, but is the fact that we receive a stronger blast of the sun's rays, due to thinning ozone layer, a sign of imbalance? Maybe thinning of the ozone layer is not unnatural, maybe Earth has gone through this before? The idea of cyclic catastrophes really gets no play in the scientific community, instead we are given this,
"The Earth is now out of energy balance," Hansen and Sato wrote. "One result of this imbalance is that it makes it likely that global temperature in 2005, aided also by a weak El Nino, will exceed those of 2003 and 2004 and perhaps even the temperature of 1998, which had stood out far above the temperature of any year in the preceding century."

It does not seem as though global warming is entirely understood. What seems to get in the way is that the idea of gradual change in global climate is status quo. Go against the current and your bound to incite the General Law. The heating up of the globe can be interpreted on another level, that is, if consciousness is to be raised one needs to "heat the crucible". If the entire globe is to shift, a temperature increase of global proportions would be needed. Seen in this light, the way that weather has been going from one extreme to the other could be the heating and cooling of the earth's magnetic center. Extremes such as the snow and floods in Pakistan that killed over 400 people, or the floods in Venezuela that killed 37. Is the Big Burning Marble gearing up for a quantum consciousness shift?