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Earthquake-volcano link jolts Alaska scientists

An Alaskan news channel's website posted this article Friday, and I am posting the whole article since it is so darned significant. I have posted previously of the likelihood of an earthquake similar to the Indonesian one occurring near Seattle, which has a fault line under increasing pressure.

Fairbanks, Alaska - There is mounting evidence that the earthquake that triggered a killer tsunami in the Indian Ocean on Christmas weekend also triggered a second earthquake in Alaska.

That second quake was minor, but the fact that it happened at all was a revelation to scientists, who believe it provides a window into understanding volcanoes.

The first earthquake took place in the Indian Ocean, some 6,000 miles from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. But UAF seismologists say that, an hour after that massive quake occurred, they could actually detect the entire state of Alaska undulating up and down, rising and falling an inch or more every 30 seconds for several minutes.

The power that represents over such a distance is astounding, even to researchers.
But the quake did something more, something that scientists have not seen at that incredible distance. It actually triggered a second earthquake beneath Mount Wrangell, a 14,000-foot volcano about 50 miles east of Glennallen. “Wrangell is a pretty large volcano, with a large hydrothermal system,” explains Dr. John Sanchez of UAF. The mountain vents steam almost constantly and sits atop unstable volcanic faults.

“The ground is very hot at Mount Wrangell here,” says Dr. Michael West, also a researcher at UAF. “Despite a snow-covered mountain, you have open steaming areas of ground.” Restless Mount Wrangell, locked in fire and ice, would seem a world away from the tropical paradise of the Indian Ocean, but is now known to be seismically connected to it. Last December, when a huge earthquake generated a killer tsunami in the Indian Ocean, scientists watched as the quake sent a huge pulse of energy that actually engulfed the entire planet within a few hours. The event generated a power equivalent to 20,000 Hiroshimas.

“On the evening of Christmas Day here, the day after Christmas in Sumatra, after the earthquake occurred, it took about an hour for the large-amplitude seismic waves to make it to Alaska,” says Dr. West. UAF scientists watched as that pulse of energy, traveling at 6,000 mph raced toward Alaska and actually lifted the entire state an inch or more into the air. “The ground in Alaska -- in Anchorage and everywhere else through the state -- moved a couple of inches up and down during this time period,” West says. The heaving of the earth beneath Alaska triggered a series of magnitude 2 earthquakes beneath Mount Wrangell, 6,000 miles away from Indonesia. “Here in the summit of the volcano and this is the general area around which the little earthquakes happened, during the passage of the waves from the Sumatra earthquake,” Dr. Sanchez says.

The phenomenon of one earthquake triggering another earthquake at a distance of 6,000 miles -- a quarter of the circumference of the Earth -- has never been seen before. Now that it has happened, scientists are hoping it will provide insight into volcanic activity in Alaska and elsewhere. Gaining clues as to when volcanoes may become active again could be an important tool in saving lives.


Heavy snowfall in India, 9500 aftershocks since tsunami

Snowfall in India has killed 41 people after the heaviest snowfall in two decades hit the region. Officials in India stated,
"It's a state of emergency and the government is doing its best to cope with the situation," state minister Peer Zaada Mohammed Sayeed said.

Staying in Southeast Asia, India's top geologist said that the tsunami-lashed Andaman and Nicobar Islands have suffered 9,500 aftershocks since an undersea earthquake December 26 sent giant waves crashing into the emerald green archipelago. Another scientist pointed out that the tremors were a good sign, saying,
these aftershocks are a good sign as energy is being released gradually, minimising possibilities of bigger earthquakes."
...An earthquake measuring 6.9 on the Richter scale rocked Indonesia's Sulawesi island Saturday, causing sea levels to rise and sparking fears of another tsunami, meteorologists and police said.

How does an aftershock minimize the possibility of a big earthquake? It sounds good and all, but where is the proof? I guess we are just supposed to take the guy's word on it, right.


Natural climate change?

I had a conversation with my brother and friend yesterday. It covered many topics but when we got to the issue of weather and our planet, I broached the subject of extreme climate change in the near future.

Me: What if Wisconsin was like Florida?

Bro: The climate doesn't change quick enough for Wisconsin to get that warm in our lifetime.

Me: How do you know that?

Bro: They take tree rings and use the sediment to track stuff like that.

Me: Have you seen the results of those?

Bro: No

The conversation shifted from there, but it was not forgotten. I came across this article in the Science Daily today which speaks of climate change, but not unnatural.

A new study of climate in the Northern Hemisphere for the past 2000 years shows that natural climate change may be larger than generally thought. This is displayed in results from scientists at the Stockholm University, made in cooperation with Russian scientists, which are published in Nature on 10 Feb 2005.

...This study builds on an analysis of indirect climate data, such as information from ocean and lake bottoms, ice sheets, caves and annual tree rings. The use of this kind of material to reconstruct climate far back in the past is nothing new in itself. The difference between the new study from previous ones, is the selection of data series and the method used to estimate temperatures from them.

A 1000-year long climate simulation, undertaken (by another research group) with a computer model for the physics of the atmosphere and the oceans, show large similarities with the new reconstruction. The climate in this model is governed by reconstructed variations of solar radiation and the amount of volcanic dust in the atmosphere (which reflects sun-light back into space). The fact that these two climate evolutions, which have been obtained completely independently of each other, are very similar supports the case that climate shows an appreciable natural variability - and that changes in the sun's output and volcanic eruptions on the earth may be the cause.

This means that it is difficult to distinguish the human influence on climate from natural variability, even though the past 15 warm years are best explained if one includes human influence in the simulations. The new study underscores the importance of including natural climate variability in future scenarios. It is not only the humans that can cause appreciable climate changes - nature does it all the time by itself.

Also found an article at allAfrica regarding the Kyoto treaty where Nobel Peace laureate Wangari Maathai talks about climate change.
"the most industrialised countries hold the power to make a real difference to halt climate change, eradicate poverty, and sustain the earth's resources for future generations.

..."We hope that we can rely on the group of the most industrialised countries, the G8, to continue to prioritise climate change," Maathai said.

That's all nice and pretty sounding, but the most powerful country in the world does not take the Kyoto treaty, or any environmental issue, seriously. So how can she be so hopeful that something will be done? Maybe the leaders of most governments know that even if everyone agreed, there would still be climate change. What, then, is all the semantics about? Maybe just public consumption.


Has the 9-11 Truth Movement been co-opted?

I came across an article which discusses this very topic recently. Lately certain individuals with an online presence have shifted the focus away from what's important. Whether it is Peak Oil endorsed by Michael Ruppert or the Saudi connection by Daniel Hopsicker, they seem to want to take attention away real smoking gun, the Pentagon Strike. Joe Quinn writes,

Looking at the current infighting going on at present, it would appear that CoIntelPro agents have done a fine job. No one knows who is who anymore, everyone suspects everyone else, and those members of the public whose minds are not, as yet, welded shut will be the ones to suffer most from the lack of coherent information about what really happened on 911, who really is to blame, or what the real issue is.

For any 9-11 investigator to come out and say that a 757 plane definitely hit the Pentagon is to rob the public of the singularly most important aspect of 9-11 and the one that has the chance to blow the whole dastardly plot wide open.

Certainly, there is much evidence that shows that Flight 11 and Flight 175 really did hit the twin towers, forcing 9-11 investigators to resort to other, and less convincing, aspects of the events of that day to make their case that it was an inside job.

This brings us to the point about the Pentagon attack which is that there exists striking evidence to suggest that it was NOT a 757 that hit the Pentagon, and it is for this very reason that Flight 77 presents THE best opportunity to bring the 9-11 deception to public awareness.

Think about it. If it can be proven that something other than Flight 77 bored that hole through 3 rings of Rummy’s fortress, then it is not necessary to dig for non-existent "smoking gun" evidence that someone "stood down" America’s air defences or about any of the many other suspicious "anomalies" on 9-11, because the game would be up.

Indeed. For those still interested, check out the rest of the article, Co-opting the 9-11 Truth Movement


Boiling lake is rising and an earthquake felt in six states

6 Midwestern states have each felt a moderate quake that struck on the New Madrid fault line. Recently I read an article where scientists predicted an earthquake greater than a 7.0 would occur on this fault line within 50 years. It certainly seems as though being in the middle of the US, one feels safer than being on the coasts. What a shock it would be for an earthquake to devastate an area that people go to for shelter from such disasters. The midwest is describe as conservative folks who are concerned with safety, especially for their family. Of course that is the stereotype, but it is the culturally accepted one.

Anyway, the point is that people around the midwest are not prepared for this type of disaster. What if there were scientists who knew when these quakes were to occur? What type of person could withold information that could save lives? Psychopaths. They have no feelings for others, their only concern is the bottom line. It could be said that if corporations were humans, they would be psychopaths.

People have been told to avoid Boiling Lake in Dominica, which is rising to dangerous levels. Boiling Lake is a volcanic crater in the heart of a rainforest. From cnews
It stopped boiling Dec. 24 and the water level dropped about 12 metres. The Agriculture Ministry warned visitors not to approach the lake, saying the water has since risen about six metres.

Scientists said they cannot predict when it might start bubbling again.

It was the third time in a century the lake - perhaps the most popular tourist attraction in Dominica - stopped boiling. In 1901, toxic fumes killed two people when the lake suddenly filled up months after it emptied. The crater also stopped boiling in 1977 and 1999.

Scientists don't know for sure what has caused the lake to stop boiling. But one theory is a 6.3-magnitude earthquake Nov. 21 clogged underground fissures where hot gasses rose through the surfaces and heated the water, said Allen Smith, the chairman of the geology department at California State University in San Bernardino, Californi

2005 is slated to be the warmest year on record, scientists worry it could be boiling hot(to pun or not to pun?). Some of these folks think that this means the Earth is out of balance, but is the fact that we receive a stronger blast of the sun's rays, due to thinning ozone layer, a sign of imbalance? Maybe thinning of the ozone layer is not unnatural, maybe Earth has gone through this before? The idea of cyclic catastrophes really gets no play in the scientific community, instead we are given this,
"The Earth is now out of energy balance," Hansen and Sato wrote. "One result of this imbalance is that it makes it likely that global temperature in 2005, aided also by a weak El Nino, will exceed those of 2003 and 2004 and perhaps even the temperature of 1998, which had stood out far above the temperature of any year in the preceding century."

It does not seem as though global warming is entirely understood. What seems to get in the way is that the idea of gradual change in global climate is status quo. Go against the current and your bound to incite the General Law. The heating up of the globe can be interpreted on another level, that is, if consciousness is to be raised one needs to "heat the crucible". If the entire globe is to shift, a temperature increase of global proportions would be needed. Seen in this light, the way that weather has been going from one extreme to the other could be the heating and cooling of the earth's magnetic center. Extremes such as the snow and floods in Pakistan that killed over 400 people, or the floods in Venezuela that killed 37. Is the Big Burning Marble gearing up for a quantum consciousness shift?


HAARP and Chemtrails: Are your ears ringing?

For the last three to four weeks, my ears have been ringing, mostly at night. I suspect this is because I work in a loud environment. It's too loud during the day to notice it, but at night, sitting quietly, it's getting pretty fierce. Most of the times, I have just forgotten about how it occurs frequently, how it might actually be a sign of something.

But, I came across an article that really made me think back and realize how much it occurs. It's written by Laura Knight-Jadczyk called The Canary in the Mine. It seems these disturbences are a sign of more than just random happenings. From the article,

The Alternative News and Conspiracy watching crowd have long been attached to the idea that HAARP is a project designed to control weather or cause geological disasters - sort of an "environmental weapon," so to say. We here at Signs of the Times have argued against this since we do credit those in power with a few firing neurons, even if they think only about themselves. In fact, that is the point. Having some idea of the nonlinear dynamics of weather and geological events, it is hardly likely that they would be stupid enough to diddle with the weather or to try to create earthquakes to cause problems for their enemies. Such things are too uncontrollable, too many variables, and too much danger of doing unintended damage to the self.

We notice in our data collection that there seems to be no direct relationship between the weather events because they occurred in a couple of theoretical time windows and not in others. Therefore, let us theorize that weather issues are indeed a problem, as the above cited Pentagon report stated, but that they are not caused by, or under the control of, any Secret Government. One might even speculate that the clusters of craziness could be generated to keep people's attention focused elsewhere. For example, the possible activation of the HAARP array around the time of the election of Arnie in California. Hmmm...

The idea that HAARP was created to control weather was promoted in a big way by Nick Begich in a book entitled Angels Don't Play This HAARP. The HAARP project has been recently connected to the December Malaysian earthquake, and a year before, was connected to the BAM earthquake.

...Our own interactions with the folks that financed Begich's book, as well as controlled its content, chronicled in the Adventures With Cassiopaea series, (do read this for some inside details of how COINTELPRO approaches are made), suggest that describing HAARP as a "weather" or "geological weapon," is merely disinformation. Again, let us note that the above cited HAARP experiment took place on March 10, 2003, followed by violence and a number of behavioral incidents of surpassing strangeness. It may be that Zbigniew Brzezinski had something altogether different in mind when he said: “Technology will make available, to the leaders of major nations, techniques for conducting secret warfare, of which only a bare minimum of the security forces will be appraised…"

There is, in fact, a far scarier weapon, a "technique for conducting secret warfare," that we believe is actually connected to the HAARP array: Mind Control via "Frequency Fences."

In order to understand the problem, the reader might want to review the Greenbaum Speech which mentions, among many other things, the MONARCH Project.

While there are a number of CIA mind control research projects that have been confirmed in Senate Hearings, I haven't been able to find similar confirmation of the alleged "Monarch Project." However, there is circumstantial evidence for the existence of this type of work.

So the Alternative thinking crowd seems to be led to the conclusion that HAARP is for weather-modification, or creation. It would be much more difficult for people, even those in the New Age/Alternative Media crowd, to think that a huge fence is all-around us, invisible but felt by certain sensitive folks. If our minds are the targets, then building something to control them would have to have a differnet outer appearance. If the reader is still interested, I urge you to finish the article, The Canary in the Mine


What the future may hold

Floods, storms and droughts. Melting Arctic ice, shrinking glaciers, oceans turning to acid. The world's top scientists warned last week that dangerous climate change is taking place today, not the day after tomorrow. You don't believe it? Read on.
Apocalypse now: how mankind is sleepwalking to the end of the Earth


What could happen? Wars break out over diminishing water resources as populations grow and rains fail.

How would this come about? Over 25 per cent more people than at present are expected to live in countries where water is scarce in the future, and global warming will make it worse.

How likely is it? Former UN chief Boutros Boutros-Ghali has long said that the next Middle East war will be fought for water, not oil.


What could happen? Low-lying island such as the Maldives and Tuvalu - with highest points only a few feet above sea-level - will disappear off the face of the Earth.

How would this come about? As the world heats up, sea levels are rising, partly because glaciers are melting, and partly because the water in the oceans expands as it gets warmer.

How likely is it? Inevitable. Even if global warming stopped today, the seas would continue to rise for centuries. Some small islands have already sunk for ever. A year ago, Tuvalu was briefly submerged.


What could happen? London, New York, Tokyo, Bombay, many other cities and vast areas of countries from Britain to Bangladesh disappear under tens of feet of water, as the seas rise dramatically.

How would this come about? Ice caps in Greenland and Antarctica melt. The Greenland ice sheet would raise sea levels by more than 20ft, the West Antarctic ice sheet by another 15ft.

How likely is it? Scientists used to think it unlikely, but this year reported that the melting of both ice caps had begun. It will take hundreds of years, however, for the seas to rise that much.


What could happen? Global warming escalates to the point where the world's whole climate abruptly switches, turning it permanently into a much hotter and less hospitable planet.

How would this come about? A process involving "positive feedback" causes the warming to fuel itself, until it reaches a point that finally tips the climate pattern over.

How likely is it? Abrupt flips have happened in the prehistoric past. Scientists believe this is unlikely, at least in the foreseeable future, but increasingly they are refusing to rule it out.


What could happen? Famously wet tropical forests, such as those in the Amazon, go up in flames, destroying the world's richest wildlife habitats and releasing vast amounts of carbon dioxide to speed global warming.

How would this come about? Britain's Met Office predicted in 1999 that much of the Amazon will dry out and die within 50 years, making it ready for sparks - from humans or lightning - to set it ablaze.

How likely is it? Very, if the predictions turn out to be right. Already there have been massive forest fires in Borneo and Amazonia, casting palls of highly polluting smoke over vast areas.


What could happen? Britain and northern Europe get much colder because the Gulf Stream, which provides as much heat as the sun in winter, fails.

How would this come about? Melting polar ice sends fresh water into the North Atlantic. The less salty water fails to generate the underwater current which the Gulf Stream needs.

How likely is it? About

evens for a Gulf Steam failure this century, said scientists last week.


What could happen? Food production collapses in Africa, for example, as rainfall dries up and droughts increase. As farmland turns to desert, people flee in their millions in search of food.

How would this come about? Rainfall is expected to decrease by up to 60 per cent in winter and 30 per cent in summer in southern Africa this century. By some estimates, Zambia could lose almost all its farms.

How likely is it? Pretty likely unless the world tackles both global warming and Africa's decline. Scientists agree that droughts will increase in a warmer world.


What could happen? The seas will gradually turn more and more acid. Coral reefs, shellfish and plankton, on which all life depends, will die off. Much of the life of the oceans will become extinct.

How would this come about? The oceans have absorbed half the carbon dioxide, the main cause of global warming, so far emitted by humanity. This forms dilute carbonic acid, which attacks corals and shells.

How likely is it? It is already starting. Scientists warn that the chemistry of the oceans is changing in ways unprecedented for 20 million years. Some predict that the world's coral reefs will die within 35 years.


What could happen? Malaria - which kills two million people worldwide every year - reaches Britain with foreign travellers, gets picked up by British mosquitos and becomes endemic in the warmer climate.

How would this come about? Four of our 40 mosquito species can carry the disease, and hundreds of travellers return with it annually. The insects breed faster, and feed more, in warmer temperatures.

How likely is it? A Department of Health study has suggested it may happen by 2050: the Environment Agency has mentioned 2020. Some experts say it is miraculous that it has not happened already.


What could happen? Hurricanes, typhoons and violent storms proliferate, grow even fiercer, and hit new areas. Last September's repeated battering of Florida and the Caribbean may be just a foretaste of what is to come, say scientists.

How would this come about? The storms gather their energy from warm seas, and so, as oceans heat up, fiercer ones occur and threaten areas where at present the seas are too cool for such weather.

How likely is it? Scientists are divided over whether storms will get more frequent and whether the process has already begun.


Another Sign of the Time

Today, two more articles appeared which point to the problems with our Mother Earth's climate. One from the New Scientist states,

The risks of global warming are "more serious than previously thought", concluded a major international climate conference on Thursday.

"Major investment is needed now in both mitigation and adaptation," stresses the preliminary report, summarising results presented at the conference, called Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change, in Exeter, UK.

The impacts of global warming discussed at the meeting sounded like a roll call of disasters. Topics ranged from the collapse of ice sheets in Antarctica to the irreversible melting of the Greenland ice caps; from droughts in Africa to floods in Japan. And fears were also raised over the rapidly changing current-patterns in acidifying ocean

The current patterns of our oceans are oh-so important to the rest of our global climate. Just as the trees are our Earth's lungs, the plankton in the oceans play a crucial role. Another article, by the Guardian, goes into more detail.

Extra carbon dioxide in the air, caused by the burning of fossil fuels, is not only spurring climate change but is making the oceans more acidic - endangering the marine life that helps to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

...Jerry Blackford, another of the authors of a paper presented to a climate change conference in Exeter in the south-west of England, has modelled the effect on the oceans. He said: "Some scientists are saying that, in 35 years, all the coral reefs in the world could be dead - it could be less or more. Put it this way, my children may never get the opportunity to go snorkelling on a living reef. Certainly, my grandchildren won't."

Although the phenomenon is caused by excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, it is not a global warming problem but a simple chemical reaction between air and sea.

Carbon dioxide mixed with water produces carbonic acid, which is making the alkaline oceans more acidic. But for probably millions of years plankton, shellfish and corals have adapted to use the stable levels of calcium and carbon in the sea to make their shells.

"Scientists did not look at this problem because everyone assumed the chemical composition of the sea was constant. But this change is elementary chemistry and we missed it," Dr Turley said.

The ocean's vital role in limiting carbon-dioxide levels in the air will have to be reassessed in light of the findings.

Plankton are as important as plants and trees in the take-up of carbon. Scientists estimate that about half the 800 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide put into the atmosphere by mankind since the start of the industrial revolution has been soaked up by the sea. Much of the carbon is fixed in the shells of creatures called coccolithophores, the tiny plankton whose bodies make up southern England's white cliffs of Dover. They live on the ocean surface in trillions and when they die their shells sink to the bottom, taking the carbon with them. They could not survive in a more acidic sea and their removal of carbon from the atmosphere would stop.

"These creatures are part of our survival bubble ... They're the lungs of the planet. People have not woken up to the potential impact their removal will cause," Dr Turley said.

People very much need to WAKE UP and see the world and all the signs we are given.


Tsunamis still on the brain

These two articles are really just scratching the surface. The whole Pacific Ring is unstable, with volcanoes spewing and fault lines colliding. Keep an eye on this area, it will mark the even bigger changes that will be coming.

Earthquake aftershocks top 500:

[World News]: DENVER, Feb. 2 : More than 500 aftershocks have now struck the Indian Ocean area where a giant earthquake hit on Dec. 26.

Data from the U.S. National Earthquake Information Center, which is continually updated, now show 516 signficant aftershocks have hit the area, consisting of the northern tip of the large Indonesian island of Sumatra, and the Nicobar and Andaman islands to the northwest, which are the territory of India.

Four moderate quakes joined the list Wednesday, ranging from magnitude 4.7 to magnitude 5.1. The original event registered magnitude 9.0 on the Richter scale, making it the world's largest earthquake in 40 years, one that generated a series of tsunamis around the Indian Ocean basin, powerful waves that killed about 250,000 people.

SAIPAN, Northern Mariana Islands --

A magnitude 6.3 earthquake jolted the Northern Marianas and Guam on Wednesday, but seismologists assured terrified residents that the quake wouldn't generate a tsunami.

There were no immediate reports of injuries or major damage on the islands.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, which is located in Hawaii, did not issue a tsunami warning. Despite assurances from local and federal agencies, many terrified residents ran out of buildings and looked out to sea for any sign of a tidal wave.

Rudolfo Pua, head of the emergency management office in the Northern Marianas, said the threshold for issuing a tsunami watch or alert is a magnitude 7.0 quake.