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Weather Irregularities Ocurring

Extreme weather, from all points of the globe, are a signal of many things. The fact that many horrible things are done to our planet seems to suggest that nature has a way of balancing things out. Hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes are the worst of these kinds, but there are many other irregularities ocurring with regard to normal conditions.

One report from The Scotsman issued today regarding extreme weather is worrisome. Wind gusts of 75-80mph along with heavy rain and potential flooding. All of the UK and Ireland have also issued extreme weather warnings.

From the San Fran Gate
Rain and snow is being dumped onto California, closing highways and making mudslides. Los Angeles and Orange counties have erected sand to protect against flooding, the Sierras are expecting 3 to 5 feet of snow, and gale force winds are producing waves of up to 17 feet high. California is not expected to be dry until the middle of next week.

All emergency systems in Trinidad have been put on full alert, as rain is threatening rivers and caused the closing of North Coast Road. Landslides are causing damage to homes and roads alike. Supporting article is the Trinidad and Tobago Express.

Not only is daily weather becoming more extreme, but also yearly comparisons are quite revealing. In 2004, there were more tornadoes reported in America than in any other year since records were kept. The online article, from Yahoo, makes an attempt to calm the reader by explaining it is due to technology. I see this more and more often these days that scientists are quick to point out to most people that things are not as bad as one might think. Often times, these events are explained away as being freak events that only ocurred randomly and are not indicative of an overall pattern.

But, just from the articles presented above, the weather is routinely bouncing from one extreme to the next. Also, the earthquake and tsunami disaster is a prime example of what was thought is a freak event, but now many scientists are stating that the same thing could occur along the Pacific Northwest subduction zone. Is it possible that as more chaos is ocurring regarding the peoples of the Earth that Nature itself is going to feel the effects of this?