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Snow in Vegas, flooding in Ohio River region

From the Las Vegas Sun, for the second time in the last five years is snowed in Las Vegas. I actually had a friend call up from Vegas and said it was snowing as we spoke. Looks like the system affecting California is doing more work. Vegas is going to remain wet and windy throughout the weekend.

Meanwhile, the Ohio River is flooding from Kentucky to the Cincinnati suburbs. By Sunday the river will have received over a month's worth of rain in a week, pushing the river over its 52 foot flood stage. Many people are being forced to evacuate their homes.

Going back to the West Coast, northern California was hit with a moderate quake Jan. 6 in Fontana. Many of the residents of the area are anticipating a much bigger quake due to the tsunami/earthquake. Public consciousness of disasters seems to be increasing due to the disaster in Indonesia, maybe that is one way Mother Nature gets the attention of a sleeping populace.

Regarding the pacific northwest subduction zone, a team of scientific forecasters believe a rather large quake could occur before August. They go on to say the Fontana quake was a rare event, due to what is called swarm quakes. Remember, this quake occurred on the San Jacinto Fault, which is under increasing pressure. Also, the Indonesian quake involved what they termed swarm quakes, so two earthquakes thousands of miles apart within a month of each other are both termed "rare events" by scientists. Both of the fault lines that the earthquakes occurred on are essentially under the same type of pressure, one tectonic plate is sliding under another. It really seems to me that our respective seismologists are only labeling these events as rare to calm the public into thinking everything is going to be OK. But, if people were properly forewarned, couldn't the Indonesian quake help us prepare against any extreme loss of life that might occur? Looks as though this is another Sign of the Times.