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Far East still buzzing

Japan was hit with a magnitude 4.4 quake Sunday evening, most likely due to continued aftershocks from the Indonesian quake. Also, the island of Anatahan is off limits due to volcanic eruptions intensifying. The island is about 200 miles north of Guam and the volcano has been billowing ash as high as 30,000 feet. It does seem as though the entire Pacific Ring has been releasing pressure since the huge quake.

It is easy for people to feel at ease in America when these things are so far away, but there seems to be a cyclic nature to all things weather related. This is even more relevant to those on the West Coast, who are living with the enormous pressure of two tectonic plates pushing against each other and building energy. Also, Mt. Rainier was billowing smoke and ash just this past year. Watch for more activity along the Ring of Fire, I think the after-effects of the Indonesian tsunami will not only last weeks but months and possibly years down the road. Perhaps we can learn enough to be able to prevent another disaster, but perhaps I may be giving too much credit to the powers-that-be.

There are many Internet discussions regarding some governments having advance knowledge of the quake but witholding the information. While many mainstream outlets would prefer to claim this idea a "conspiracy theory", I do not doubt that a very small group of people would have access to any such knowledge. But, making it public is most likely not what they wish to do, for they might be further questioned about any other unknown technologies. So, the main point here is that IF their were some who had advance knowledge, it was a small number of people, probably not connected to any public governemnt agency. These kinds don't like having such information seeing the light of day, unless other information they also possess might also be made known.

"It is dangerous to be right in matters in which the established authorities are wrong."--Voltaire