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Droughts and Earthquakes

The Cuban province of Las Tunas is facing its worst drought on record, where water reservoirs contain only 24% of their capacity. The drought is doing a number on their agriculture production in the mode of grain, root crops, and green vegetables. Also, milk output was reduced by 2.5 million liters and 11,000 cattle died in the last year. The main issue here is the affect on food production this is having. In the US, for the first time we imported more food than we exported in 2004. We really have no food reserves to speak of, our production is a demand then supply system. Imagine a prolonged drought to one of our breadbaskets. What if when we went ot the store there was no bread, milk, eggs, cheese? How would most people react? That is the false security that most people live with, that everything will be OK, all the problems are "out there". I don't mean to panic people, to send one into a fit that we are going to starve tomorrow, but there is plenty of evidence that nature is planning a restructuring of certain ecosystems. To protect against it, we must arm ourselves with awareness of what is happening, NOW.

Also, Japan was hit with a 6.3 quake Tuesday night on the island of Hokkaido. Since the Indonesain tsunami, most quakes that have ocurred have also issued a statement saying either there are no chances of a tsunami, or that there is a small chance of a wave. The Japanese quake was said to have no chance of a wave building. This sort of reminds me of the reaction people had to seeing a plane fly overhead post 9-11. There was almost this instinctual, fear-based reaction to seeing this event post-mortem. One can only hope that a cataclysmic event will cause people to become more aware of what might happen in the future.